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Now you know why my LM coupe is my daily driver.  The only items on  this 
list that I would like are the EFI and distributorless ignition; both of  
which I can get if I want to spend a little money in the wrecking yard and  
reprogram the EFI (I prefer the early EFI which is analogue; I can convert that 
 to digital with a PIC and I have written a program for EFI which works as 
well  as the original on a Datsun, replacing the original unit.)
Scotty from Hollyweird
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Well, Tony, there are some other factors as well. Today, we  have standard 
features on cars that weren't even available on the Corvair!  Power windows, 
power door locks, power mirrors, standard A/C power steering,  power 
brakes, fuel injection, air bags, ABS, 100,000 mile tuneup intervals,  
distributorless ignition, the list goes on and on! Also, cars today have a  MUCH longer 
projected lifespan, well over twice as long as back in the day,  meaning 
you don't need to buy a new car anywhere near as often. Remember, most  
Corvairs are LOOONG gone...

John  Roberts

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