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And, to  exploit them to their best, the driver needs to KNOW HOW TO  
DRIVE.   Cars today seem to be designed to remove that  
responsibility.   Today's car owner has become a vehicle  operator 
instead of a driver.   Hell, cars today parallel-park  
themselves.   How worthless is the "driver" who can't parallel  
park??    THAT is one of the requirements in Virginia that a  driver 
MUST know how to do before the commonwealth will issue them a  
driver's license.   They check for it in the parking lot at the  DMV 
and grade you on it.

Manufacturers today are removing the  requirement for drivers to know 
how to drive their own  cars.

You are shopping at the wrong car stores! My drive (now 6 years old)  has 
400HP, stick, no automatic parallel parking and, when I decide, no traction  
control or stability control. If the drivers demand those features, they 
will  shop for them and buy them. If they demand to NOT have them, they will 
shop for  appropriate cars as well. I do agree that driver education is at a 
low point  today. Some people are so pleased about themselves that they enjoy 
their  own ignorance. They even revel in it. 
Seth Emerson

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