<VV> re Reflections on newer cars

RWhitt1245 at aol.com RWhitt1245 at aol.com
Sun Dec 26 16:04:49 EST 2010

I subscribe to the philosophy of talk radio financial guru Dave Ramsey. If  
you have to finance a car (an item that goes down in value) you cant afford 
it  even if you CAN make the payments. He also says that if you dont have a 
net  worth of an least one million dollars you should not buy a new car 
period, only  used ones.He also says that you should not have more than 15% of 
your yearly  income in cars and recreational vehicles. Im glad I heeded his 
message about no  debt eight years ago. I would have been screwed with this 
economy as the  manufacturing plant I worked for  that was open for 50 years 
closed 2 years  ago. As to the fair tax it will NEVER happen. To many 
people making money on the  system we have now. Glad Iknow enough to keep my old 
cars running, even my  Corvair

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