<VV> Brake master cyl "shuttle valve"

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I've noticed that Clark's doesn't have any listed (although I didn't check the NOS catalog), so I did an internet search for "brake block" for a Camaro and Chevelle for '67... some call it a "splitter", and they are available new out there (in the $70+ range) but I don't know if they are physically the same between the Corvair and the other Chevy cars of that time... I can dig up the GM part number for the Corvair, but does anyone have a Chevelle or Camaro parts book for 67-69??? We can check numbers, and then, if they are the same, there's a whole new source out there for these old parts... otherwise, one may need adapters...
Just sayin'....

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Mike there you go, I didn't know enough about that year to know if
here was a shuttle, but that is probably the culprit. Mark Durham
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 "1969 with recent new master cylinder in past few years using Dot 5 silicon. I
 blew out the right rear hose and have NO brakes. I thought the dual master
 cylinder was supposed to give me something..."

 This comes up on this list, the Corvair Center and some street rod forums I 
ost to.
 I'm beginning to think that the shuttle switch that was included on factory 
nstalls  is not working correctly.
 We all know that it turns on a light when you lose brakes on half the system. 
t works by seeing low pressure on one side and then sliding the shuttle toward 
hat side and allowing the pin switch to drop into the hole created by the 
ovement of the shuttle.
 I suspect that it is also supposed to seal off the low pressure side once it 
oves the shuttle.
 Perhaps the shuttle seals leak after so many years and once the shuttle moves 
o the low pressure side it allows the high pressure side to overcome the seals 
nd leak into the low pressure, leaking side.


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