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I'm glad he picked them up, otherwise they would be lost to scrap metal. 

So he made  money, that is what being an entrepenuer is all about.
Obviously $200 was not too much for the buyer to pay, so it was a win win
situation. 20 years ago I was paying $150 to $200 for complete
turbo/carb/air cleaner assemblies that needed rebuilding. Sounds in line to

And if he hurt his bicep picking the engines up, like I did a month ago,
getting $350 for the pair does not even come close to paying the medical

Frank DuVal

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20 years ago, I saw a guy who had both a 150 and 180 turbo setup, air
cleaner, carb, turbo, and chrome pipe. Both were seized, but presentable. I
watched him get $200 for the 180 and wanted $150 for the 150. Found out
later he picked them up by the side of the road on garbage day.
I thought that was way too much.
I have people ask me all the time if I know of anyone who has a running
turbo motor for sale.
Very few want a project, but there are still some of us who may jump on a
complete set up if the opportunity arises.

Hope you get it cheap, and have a use for it.

Gary Swiatowy

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