<VV> Corsa Tach

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sat Jul 3 01:24:26 EDT 2010

At 03:26 PM 7/1/2010, JEFF SCOTT wrote:

>I am looking for some help. Please
>Can anyone provide any insight on whether or not a tach can be 
>repaired? I have installed a what I think is a 65 Corsa dash in my 
>65 500 series. The car has a 66 140 engine and 66 wiring harness 
>along with a 66 body harness. I have tracked current from the coil 
>to the tach but no movement.
>If there is a repair or someone that can repair it please advise 
>otherwise I will need to replace which could be expensive.

I've fixed many of these tachs.   I even helped out a while back with 
outlining a schematic and parts breakdown that's floating around 
Corvair circles on the web.    These tachs are not that difficult to 
repair if you have the right test equipment and know how they 
work.    If I can do it any tech with half a brain can do it... 
;)   So:  Imagine how well a tech with serious smarts could do.

That's why you don't send it to me.    Send it to Lew Rischel so that 
you'd be able to say he fixed your tach.   That means a lot more than 
telling anybody I fixed it...  when you pick Lew, you also pick his 


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