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rbeth at comcast.net rbeth at comcast.net
Sat Jul 3 17:03:33 EDT 2010

I have a 63 Conv that has a shimmy and vibration at certain speeds. A little history. I had the tires that came on the  car balanced  No help.  I bought new tires from Clarks Had them mounted and balanced. No Help I had new upper and lower Ball Joints and Idler Arm installed. No Help. I had the tires from Clarks balanced at a different place. No Help, Sometimes the  car shimmy's more that other times. When I get to 45 mph the car shimmys sometimes more that other times At about 55 or 60 it does not shimmy  
So far I have spent about 1200.00 dollars and no fix.
Running out of money

63 Corvair Conv
Nokesville, Va

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