<VV> Max Mechanical + Initial Advance for a 110

Mikeamauro at aol.com Mikeamauro at aol.com
Sun Jul 4 12:17:07 EDT 2010

Re: "...Chev's engine test report indicated 33 deg was optimum for a  stock 
140 hp engine..."
Bob: with vacuum advance temporally removed and plugged, what would you say 
 the maximum advance should be for a 110 with a .032 quench distance? I'm  
presently running an initial of 18 btdc; runs well with minimal ping--lots 
of  "zip" and strong idle, but often wondered if I'm loosing cruse efficiency 
 by being too far advanced. Maybe I should keep the same initial  setting, 
but bush the mechanical stop pin for less total  advance? Thanks. 
Mike Mauro
67 Coupe, PG, AC, Safeguard, 327:1, forged + .040, 93-octane

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