<VV> Corvair stuff on eBay - Sellers fees tripled rom 3.5% to 9%

Charles Lee Chaz at ProperProper.com
Sun Jul 4 15:47:54 EDT 2010

The fat lady at eBay, apparently as her last official act before leaving in 
March to destroy California, "simplified the selling fees by raising them 
from about 3.5% to an "easy" 9% (ostensibly because the math was too hard ?)

Since eBay has, on average, doubled seller fees for the first 100 items 
listed each month, many sellers list 100 low priced items that are not 
effect by the price increase, or won't sell anyway.

They also list 100 obscure items that are less likely to sell, to "get past" 
the high-fee listings, since it costs nothing to get them Out there just in 
case someone wants it ?

The theory, I believe, is that eBay wants to become the world's largest 
store, and doesn't care if it's full of junk, just to boost the numbers ?

Has anyone here listed more than 100 items (in the same month) and sold the 
101st item, to check the fee that was paid.

Last Fall, eBay did this with "5 free listings" where I "saved" about $4 and 
paid an additional $75 in fees that would have cost bout $20 if I had not 
used a "free" listing.

I are upset too, and today I may do what those eBay sellers are doing :
Today I may list more than 100 (45 RPM) records , to see if the 101st sells, 
and what fee they charge ?

According to an eBay rep, after 100 items, the fee will be 8.75% for the 1st 
$25 and 3.5% up to $1000.
(See link to chart above)

You can NOT choose to pay for a listing (to get the old, reduced fee), you 
MUST list 100 items before you get to this fee schedule, and pay the 
"simplified" 9% on the entire selling price for the 1st 100 items.

I think this may possibly explain the plethora of "junk" listings on eBay ?


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>I too are upset that several vendors are putting hundreds of ads in the
> Corvair category for parts that obviously don't fit Corvairs.  Complaining
> about it to the vendor does no good as they usually don't respond or say
> "we'll look into it" and keep right on inserting ads.  Fortunately most of
> this junk is low price items so I just start with "highest price" first 
> and
> go thru the list until the crap appears and stop there.
> Clark Hartzel
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