<VV> Ball joints

Gary Swiatowy gswiatowy at rochester.rr.com
Mon Jul 5 11:00:08 EDT 2010

Seeing as I have recently done both upper and lower ball joints in a
friend's car, I'll give my thoughts.

Removing the uppers:
I used an air chisel to burp off the heads of the rivets, on top.
Then figured I would be able to drive out the rivets.
That was wrong thinking.
I beat on them with a punch until my hands were sore, to no avail.
I now have a punch attachment for my air chisel, for next time.
I had to drill out the rivets, and they were tough.
Luckily a friend was there who could sharpen drill bits.
But even if you are able to drive out the old ones, you still need the drill
because the rivets were a size smaller than the replacement bolts you have
to use, so the A-arm holes need to have a larger hole anyways. 
When installing the bolts, bolt heads on top, nuts below, other wise they
will be in the way of the grease fitting.
I added angled fittings instead of the straight up ones that come with the
ball joint.

Lower Ball joints:
For many years I used the hammer and heat method on lowers.
But this time I used an OTC brand ball joint remover and installer. Popped
the old ones out and the new ones in with no problem. As far as I'm
concerned, the only way to go.
I imagine the Harbor Freight installer is similar, but many places will
"loan" you or rent you an installer if you don't want to add one to your
tool collection.
I collect tools, and buy many I may use only once, or may never
need.........it's an addiction.

Gary Swiatowy

From: Byron Comp <byron.comp at yahoo.com>
Subject: <VV> Ball Joint Removal

Since I'm a novice at restoring 'Vairs this may seem like a stupid question,
but here goes.? The upper ball joints on my '64 Monza CT seem to have been
riveted in and the top of the rivets "peaned".? Is this normal and what do I
do to get them out so as to install new ones?? It looks like I'll have to
grind off the rivet head and then punch it out, leaving?4 holes into which I
would insert bolts with the new joint.? Will the upper ball joint from
Clarks line up with the holes left where the rivets used to be?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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