<VV> Starter Mystery

Ron ronh at owt.com
Mon Jul 5 17:19:02 EDT 2010

Did you mention the starter solenoid?  Since it's relatively cheap it's one 
of the first things I'd change.

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> I'm stumped!  Here's the story.  The car is a 1968 110 PG.  Three weeks 
> ago while the owner was going 65-70 MPH on the interstate, he began to 
> hear a loud knocking sound from the engine.  within a mile the engine had 
> seized.  He pulled to the side and turned off the ignition.  He then 
> turned the key to the run position.  For just a moment, the warning lights 
> came on but hen the entire electrical system was out.  No lights, nothing. 
> The battery ground cable and some other wires were HOT!
> The car was flat bedded home.  About two hours later, the electrical 
> system again functioned.  Needless to say the engine was locked solid.  A 
> tear down showed number 6 rod bearing welded to the crank.  A total 
> rebuild followed.
> Before installing the engine, the oil system was primed and checked with a 
> guage,  It had more than 45 PSI at about 800-00 RPM using  a big electric 
> drill.  The engine turned freely and smoothly by hand.
> After installation, the engine was static timed.  When the starter was 
> used the engine turned over slowly as if the battery was weak. The mystery 
> began when the key was turned off and removed.  The starter continued to 
> slowly turn the engine. Two starter, a new ignition  switch and a new 
> neutral safety switch failed to cure the problem.  As the starter turns 
> after the key is removed the battery negative cable get HOT!
> All types of tricks have been tried.  Disconnecting, the alternator among 
> other.  Nothing stops the starter from turning.  The car has a new engine 
> compartment and body wiring harness. It also has a new stater 
> 'mini-harness'.  The car has a Pertronix ignition.
> I'm stumped.  Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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