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judynrandy at comcast.net judynrandy at comcast.net
Tue Jul 6 18:21:01 EDT 2010

I am trying to help a guy sell a '64 Spyder.  It's from eastern Colorado.  It's about a 6.5/7 on the scale.  0=Junk 10= running driveable car. 

Its not running, but he had the heads redone.  All the turbo stuff is there. Interior= about a 6.  Body=7.  Only 2 small rusty spots in front of the rear wheel wells.  One on each side.  He had a fair amount of Clarks parts included.  It appears to be an easy restoration.  It last was on the road in 1985.  Spyder stuff is there.  Even the wheel covers.  Floors and battery box  and trunk area look really good. 
      The owners name is scott Jackson.  His cell # is 303-550-3539.  My name and number (as the middle man) is randy hook  814-928-5191.  He's not real sure what to ask for it.  He said he's got $3,900 hundred in it.  Talk to him.  No reasonable offer refused.  He said he's NOT taking it back to colorado.  The car is located just below Altoona Pa.  I am located 30 miles south of Altoona. 

Randy (Capn) Hook 

63 ragtop 84/pg 

65monza 4dr 110/pg

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