<VV> recoloring faded seats

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Well, the guy that helped (showed) me what to do is a buddy and owns (with 
his brothers) a string of upholstery shops - so I'm probably getting the 
"buddy" price.  In this case there was no charge at all.  So, understand 
that free advise is worth what you paid for it.

Anyway, it was a dozen+ years ago and I'm OLD now!  As I recall - seats out 
of the car and backs removed from bottoms.  Clean absolutely EVERYTHING as 
best you can first.  Side panels (chrome and painted) of seats removed.

We used vinyl paint of the appropriate color - thinned at about 50% (can't 
say for certain on that).

Once the seats were clean to our satisfaction, we did one "section" at a 
time - like one bucket, then the other, then one back, then the other, then 
the back of the backs - etc.

I forget what thinner we were using in the paint (might not be legal now 
anyway) , but whatever it was - the first step was a thin mist of thinner 
ONLY on the section to receive paint.  Wait for the vinyl to "soften" and be 
"acceptable" (tacky?) to receive the paint (something less than 5 minutes) - 
probably 2 to 3 minutes.  Then spray (a very light coat) to the vinyl.  A 
second (thin) quick coat is OK if needed and done while the first coat is 
still tacky.  Give it 2 or 3 days before you sit on it.  I never had the 
"rub off" experience that you described.

I drove that car about 20,000 in a 2 to 3 year period.  I could have done 
another "touch up" at the 2 1/2 yr mark, but opted to order from Cal at that 

That was the Danube Blue '65 Vert which ended up in England - driving on the 
"wrong" side of the road.

So, Ray - to finally answer your question...  I have no clue as to what it 
might cost to have a pro do it for you.  I'd guess that it would be over 
$250 and under $500.  How long do you need it too be "nice" and what is your 

PS - my estimates may be in pre-2000 $$$.

Later, JR
'61 Rampside Standard 4/110
'65 Monza Convertible 4/140
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> JR,
> I'd bet I can clean the stuff I put on off to prep it for a professional 
> job, but any idea what this 2 or 3 year fix will cost?
> Thanks!
> Ray R.

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