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Louis Armer carmerjr at mindspring.com
Wed Jul 7 12:11:52 EDT 2010

Once again I will offer the option on cone useage that if we are to 
buy our own CORSA cones that we do as Seth as told me that California 
SCCA uses different colored cones to indicate the gates of the course 
from the "normal" barrier and warning cones. If different colored 
cones are too expensive then CORSA could spray paint gate cones and 
accomplish a more user friendly course for it's autocross 
participants. I hope this will be considered by the individuals 
concerned and not be swept aside as was another CORSA purchase 
suggestion made by me for CORSA pocket tees and Golf shirts way back 
in 2000,2001 and never even replied to except by one eastern 
director. Shirt sales of both items suggested were ignored and in my 
opinion current sales suffer greatly because of this exclusion.

Chuck Armer
At 10:43 AM 7/7/2010, you wrote:
>So far, the cone/pylon contributions have netted $357.59 . The largest
>donation was $100 by Micael McCrea.
>I have forwarded the money to David Clemens as he can get a special
>deal through his local SCCA group.
>Thanks so much to all of you; even the 59 cents helps.

59 cents times 4000 members = $2,360 so yes,  59cents can be meaningful :-)

>So ; if you still want to contribute, please send to :
>David Clemens
>Yenko66 at cox.net
>2736 Calloway St.
>Roanoke VA 24012
>or Warren LeVeque
>4657 No. St. Rd 9
>Anderson IN 46012

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