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Once  again I will offer the option on cone usage that if we are to 
buy our own  CORSA cones that we do as Seth as told me that California 
SCCA uses  different colored cones to indicate the gates of the course 
from the  "normal" barrier and warning cones. If different colored 
cones are too  expensive then CORSA could spray paint gate cones and 
accomplish a more  user friendly course for it's autocross 

The simplest, most effective use of color that I have seen has been the  
placement of Green cones in corner apex locations. Of course, it is only the  
opinion of the course designer that this cone represents the corner apex, 
but it  is just a guide after all. All cones still count the same anyway.  If 
a  true "gate" is used, both sides could be color coded. You might need no  
more than a dozen or so "special" cones, depending on the course layout.

Seth  Emerson

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