<VV> 2012 CORSA Convention

Vairtec Corporation Vairtec at optonline.net
Wed Jul 7 22:37:49 EDT 2010

Wrote this in reply to a question on the Fastvair list; seemed like a 
good idea to post it here, too:

At the Cedar Rapids convention, Northeast Corvair Council president 
Brian O'Neill presented the NECC's proposal for the 2012 convention, 
and it was approved.

The convention site is to be Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

The NECC is very pleased that the vibrant New England CORSA Chapters 
joined the NECC to made this possible.

The NECC has a contract in place with the hotel, a draft schedule of 
events, an autocross site identified, and lots of plans for a 
distinctive convention. But there is much more work to be done, and 
of course for the next 12 months the promotional spotlight should 
correctly shine on the Denver group as they put together the 2011 convention.

--Bob Marlow

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