<VV> Adjustment of Accelerator Pump Linkage

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Subject: <VV> Adjustment of Accelerator Pump Linkage

> I'm looking to increase the amount of "squirt" from my carbs. To do  so,
> before enlarging the pump orifices in the carb throat, I'd like to  first 
> try
> an accelerator pump linkage adjustment. >
> My 67 110, PG tends to tip lean when accelerating quickly from an  idle.
> Consequently, there is a momentarily lag in acceleration. There is NO  lag
> when acceleration is gradual, and engine is allowed to pass the "just off"
> idle point prior to getting into the gas.
Hi Mike; if you don[t have people with no sense of humor driving the car for 
pepsi-runs .... heh ....   you might try a crutch that I use for similar 
situations ... just dial the main idle fuel adjustment ( mixture needle ) 
richer... that way the rich mixture lasts up the rpm band quite a bit 
longer, and kind of replaces, or compliments the acceleration pump squirt 
( and even somewhat the power circuit, if you have one ) ....  it will maybe 
load up at idle, but you can just blip it and clear it out every few 

This also helps with the cheaper Holley, not-double-pump carbs that I, being 
a cheap-butt, use on my SBC s ;;;;;  hey ... one good thing ... makes your 
over-rich idle sound like 2 grades hotter cams ....

For grins, sometime you might run the engine on just a real rich idle mix 
( thru the needles ) and be amazed at how fast you can cruise, just using 
the " idle  " circuit " ... I have come to think of the main jet as a ' high 
speed " jet, maybe a " boost  "jet circuit .

And, of course, maybe you might consider " rolling in " the throttle, I tell 
my racer-to-bee s  to count to 2 or 3 coming out of corners applying more 
throttle , remember there is a whole dang car trying to catch up to the 
throttle opening, hardly anyone pays attention to that, adrenaline usually 
makes them forget.  except winning drivers, of course (g).

Smooth makes for boring driving.

Just some trivia, ken campbell, crutching quite often in Iowadahoe 

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