<VV> 1965 Monza 4-door on eBay

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>I couldn't agree more. What I was refering to when I said they failed is 
>the fact that the roofline, while pleasant enough, doesn't resemble their 
>objective look (the full-size fastback). It needs a broader "C" pillar in 
>order to do that, which is why the ventop looks so good on it. John Fitch 
>knew what he was doing, and he is a man of style.
> -Mark
I have wanting to ask here on this group for some time, but being such a shy 
retiring wimp, I have been lurking, not smurking ...   kinda an Oil On The 
Water guy ...   oh, that's been taken I guess ... very WELL

So how come there has not been a ... veritable  surge ... of photoshopping 
amatuer corvair body designers re-creating God's Own Car ...   the last time 
has been 2....4.... years a go, with the vair going over Niagra Falls, such 
a delightul Jolly Scene it was, too ....   anyway, I have always thought the 
vair to be quite beautiful, but the roofline maybe a bit bulbous... gotta 
admit, tho, that all those windows have  proven handy during those Nader 
Moments (g)....

c'mon you young artistes, I see your artwork on truck stop restroom doors 
all the time, but I know you can create something CLEAN if pressed to it ..

how about a vair ( Square LeVair ??  ) passing a Viper ....  ON THE OUTSIDE 
!!  Through the Cirque at Mid Ohio ??    dang !!
.... a vair being the pace car at Indy ...   with Donna Mae driving !!  Pink 
of course ... and the car pink too ....
.....  Lindsay LowHand sitting in her gold plated Vair Convert , crying her 
eyes out ....

Ma & Pa Kettle in their 66 Turbo convert ( ok, 4 door convert !  )   , in a 
summer snowstorm at Vail Colorado, making a demon day's run from Denver to 
St. George... headed for a sinful Weekend At Vegas, no doubt .... he in a 
spiffy checkered suit, she in a very large & Flowery sun bonnet ....

more, much more ... such a target rich environment ....

Ken The Innocent in Iowadahoe

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