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Louis Armer carmerjr at mindspring.com
Mon Jul 12 20:13:40 EDT 2010

      On this last Saturday we toured the North Georgia mountains 
with the ChooChoo Corvair club from Yes you guessed it
Chattanooga TN. Melvin and the ChooChoo gang had organized a moving 
event where we visited 3 Chevy dealerships.
They were located in Blairsville, Blue Ridge and Canton, GA.. There 
were 12 Corvairs involved including early convertibles, my "da Brier" 
(1964 Greenbrier), Melvin's Ultra Van, late convertibles, coupes and 
a Sports Sedan. From Corvair Atlanta, myself, CA Prez, Dan Terry, and 
Tony and Judy Kruzich joined the tour.
      I left the house shortly after 7 am to meet at the first Chevy 
dealership in Blairsville which is north central in the mountains and 
very close to the TN border. Part of the route I took carried me over 
elevations of 3300+ feet and part of the cruise route I used to lead 
for the Springfest cruise from Helen, GA.. We had a weak cool front 
push through the state during the night hours and it was overcast and 
gray for the first 2/3 of my trip and the further north I traveled 
the temps continued to drop. Once I really got into the mountains it 
was awesome Corvair driving weather with cool damp air and a definite 
fall feel to the day. As I approached the 3000
foot level I came around a curve to find da Brier surrounded by fog 
but suddenly realized that the fog was moving and actually I was 
driving in, through and above the low hanging clouds.
      The cyclists were out in various sized packs but in general I 
was often all alone on the twisty curvy roads and It was a great 
drive  all the way into Blairsville. When I arrived I was the last to 
join the caravan as the Choo Choo gang had arrived from Chatsworth, GA
and Dan and Tony had caravaned from Woodstock, GA.. We stayed at the 
dealership and socialized and kicked tires and lamented at the cookie 
cutter styles of all the new cars available before heading to our 
next stop in Blue Ridge GA.. Once again we poured into the main 
entrance of our second Chevy dealership with 12 proud Corvair 
vehicles and of course the 12th one being our trail vehicle which is 
the Ultra Van that Melvin describes as being "Under Construction". 
:-) We ended our tour in Canton, GA. where we were greeted with open 
arms by the third staff of Chevy guys who offered up a brand new 
Denali Surburban for our shuttle vehicle to the various fast food 
restaurants located nearby. It was a great Saturday with good friends 
and lots of Corvairs. "It don't get no better".
  Chuck Armer and daBrier

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