<VV> A/C For 69 Corvair

Bill H. gojoe283 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 13 13:22:54 EDT 2010


Joe:  You found the right place for your question.  I just finished (last night) 
installing Clark's A/C kit in my 69 Monza.

Feel free to ask me any questions.  It took 9 days and lots of blood 
(literally), sweat (very literally) and some tears but it's finally in and 
working (but not 100% complete).

There is no need to remove the washer mouting, but the tank does slide out so 
you can get better access for your drill to open the holes.  I also had to 
remove the wiper motor mouting screws (but not actually take the motor out) 
again, for drill access to make the evaporator mounting hole.

The drawing (not the photo) gives you a better perspective of exactly where Area 
A's holes need to go.

By the way, I found Clark's instructions to be confusing and the pictures are 
poor.  If you google "classicauto air" on the Internet, you'll see what clear 
instructions look like.  For the price of the kit, the instructions should be of 
a much better quality.

I used the 66-67 style condenser in my car since I don't have the skill to cut 
big openings in the trunk.  So far, the system does work.

Also, I used "EnviroSafe ES12" instead of R134a.  I had used it successfully in 
my (former) 72 Dart Swinger after my mechanic had to disassemble the A/C 
plumbing.  The ES12a is non-corrosive if it contacts moisture, therefore no 
pull-down or vacuuming of the system is needed before charging.  It's legal as 

Let me know if you have additional questions on the A/C install...Bill 
Hershkowitz 69 Monza 110 PG


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