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Tue Jul 13 15:12:06 EDT 2010

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corvairduval at cox.net wrote:
> Step 1. Find old refrigerator in alley or dump with good compressor...

To find an old refrigerator with a good compressor, all I need to do is 
look in my basement.

In 1978, I bought my first house after years of renting.  The house 
needed new appliances and I was -- surprise! -- cheap.  So I bought the 
least-expensive refrigerator that the local appliance store had to 
offer.  (This was before the Big-Box stores took over the world).

When that refrigerator was 18 years old, we moved, and it was relegated 
to the basement of the new house and a new refrigerator took its place 
in the kitchen.

At age 27, that first refrigerator moved with us again, to its third 
house and second basement.  Today, some 32 years after it was purchased, 
that refrigerator continues to keep food fresh and ice cubes frozen.

I suspect that, even though it sported an "Energy-Saving" label when it 
was new, this old refrigerator is an energy hog.  I'd probably save 
considerably on my electric bill if I replaced it.  But I've grown 
attached to it.  I cannot bring myself to put in the landfill an 
appliance that continues to work perfectly at age 32.  I suppose I could 
list it on Freecycle.  But I'll just keep it for now.

Someday it will likely fail.  At that time, I will probably have a small 
ceremony in the back yard.  Might play "Taps."

--Bob Marlow

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