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Mark Durham 62vair at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 20:57:24 EDT 2010

I echo Bruces comments. However, If you are going to keep it stock, then std
cast pistons and cast rings will do you just fine. Its when you want to
produce more hp out of it that you should think of chrome or moly rings
because Moly and Chrome do better in higher heat situations. Cast rings will
seat faster with little fuss and will last well past 100K miles with little
trouble. Its what the factory put in your engine.

Also, if the cylinders are not pitted or have other problems and still mike
out standard, you can hone those barrels and put in new pistons and rings
and keep on going.  I know, because my first Corvair overhaul was at about
80K miles, and that is all mine needed. I even reused the pistons, but that
was back in 1970's. I sold the car about 90K miles later and it was still
running strong.

Otherwise, if you need to replace them, Clarks offers some pretty reasonable
piston/ring/cyl sets. You just send them the rods and they will assemble the
pistons and send you everything back.

You can spend lots of money on stuff here, but in a 95 HP engine, most of it
will provide you with no more performance or reliability. When I overhaul I
will consider Clarks 2nds, the cyls that have been topped by .010. Cheaper
to buy, and will help out your engine by a tad bit if you keep to the std
cyl gaskets.

What made you decide on the Isky cam?

regards  Mark Durham

On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 1:31 PM, Bruce Schug <bwschug at att.net> wrote:

> On Jul 12, 2010, at 2:38 PM, Mike Dix wrote:
> > Hello ALL...
> >
> > Looking for any advice. I am completely rebuilding a 95 HP 164 CID.
> > I have regasketed corvair engines before and done some minor repairs
> > internally. I am a good mechanic and have the tools. I am looking
> > for any advice on what to be cautious about and extras steps to take
> > with a complete rebuild. Crank and heads are being redone by a local
> > speedshop. I am planning on ordering a 260 Isky cam with new lifters
> > and gear. I have yet to get cylinders, pistons and rings. The
> > cylinders are straight forward but what about pistons and rings. Do
> > I go for regular cast pistons, forged pistons or what? Do I go for
> > cast rings, chrome rings or moly rings? I have read alot about
> > cylinder finish when it comes to certain type of rings. Thanks for
> > any advice and I am sure I am going to have more questions.
> >
> Exactly what are you going to do with this engine?
> Which vehicle will it be used in?
> What do you expect of it?
> Bruce
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