<VV> repairing broken exhaust flange studs?

corvairduval at cox.net corvairduval at cox.net
Wed Jul 14 17:13:09 EDT 2010

I use the weld on nut for most any rusted broken bolt/stud, except for
Corvair manifolds. It just hasn't worked as well on these for me. But, it
DOES work well for most things, and probably everyone else will have good
luck on manifolds.

The latest excellent results with welding on nuts was removing the rusted/
broken 7/16" bolts on an 81 Jeep CJ frame.

I screw a nut onto the sticking up bolt part ( even if it is only a few mm
high) and aim the mig (GMAW, whatever) wire in to the nut and pull the
trigger. The heat from welding usually breaks the rust bond and it unscrews

Frank DuVal

I gotta try the cutting torch method....

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Subject: Re: <VV> repairing broken exhaust flange studs?

At 09:45 AM 7/12/2010, vair140 at aol.com wrote:

>Are just the studs broken or the ears too?  If only the studs then 
>they can be ground flush and drilled out and replaced with nuts and bolts.

I'm still a fan of welding nuts onto the broken studs and backing 
them out with a box end.   

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