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 It's not the single engines that run backwards, it's one of the engines on a twin engine setup, I can't remember which one, and it may not matter which side gets the backwards engine, but it might. 

And it's not just Mercury Marine, EVERYONE who sells inboard engines derived from auto engines offers left/right, except Volvo Penta, which has a slick way of doing it in the gearbox. In fact, on them, you can make a left engine a right engine or vice versa by a simple linkage swap! But most others do it by reversing the engine, but this is dying out. Nearly all of today's I/Os, at least on the larger horsepower models, also do the Volvo trick. 

But for single engine installs, the engines turn the way the auto factory designed them

John Roberts


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> Hi JV, hey as long as we are spending time in the cool computer room 

> slurping on our slurpies, how about considering a Marine Engine in the 

> first place ... in fact, how about something that says "Mercury Marine " 

> right on it ... seems like many single engine marine engines might run " 

> backwards " ... would that float out boat or what ??


> light, lots of hop-up parts and knowledge ...   not mention a million used 

> ones around with about an 1.5 hours runtime on them.


> In my wasted youth, I had a Boston Whaler with an inboard-outboard 

> chrysler 140 horse ..zounds was that fun ... anyway, I have to say I do 

> not remember which way the output  turned ....


> We could call such a mod    " the Bassmaster Model " ...

> reargards, ken campbell, keeping oh so cool in Iwadoe



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>> Unfortunately, Subaru engines rotate the same as nearly all other 

>> engines, and opposite of the Corvair.

>> It is also VERY difficult to reverse one of these.>


>> John Roberts



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