<VV> Repro battery: vintage looks/mod. inside?

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Thu Jul 15 00:30:25 EDT 2010

At 03:14 PM 3/31/2010, Lonny Clark wrote:
>Gut your vintage-looking battery leaving only the case and the posts (posts
>connected to nothing inside the battery case). Your battery cables in the
>engine compartment connect to the fake battery. Mount a modern battery in
>the trunk, maybe disguised as luggage. Run welding cable from the modern
>battery's + terminal to the main battery connection on the starter - the
>original cable to the fake battery needs to still be connected too. Run
>ground cable from hidden battery to a good body ground, your engine-to-body
>ground cable will need to be in good shape too.
>Not stock, but looks like it from the outside. Might be hard to hide the
>welding cable under the car, if that's a concern.
>Can anyone think of a reason this won't work?

I've seen people stick a group 51 battery inside the case of a 
correct year vintage group 24 style gutted battery (in a Mopar) and 
tie the terminals together so it actually worked to start-run the car 
while looking like the factory original Mopar battery (without having 
to pay the ruinous price for the correct year repro).     Hiding 
another battery somewhere would certainly be no more difficult than this.


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