<VV> South Bend surprise

Dave Leonard dave at arborlea.com
Wed Jul 14 23:19:15 EDT 2010

Never saw or heard of this one before – thanks!  Porsche and Studebaker had
a well known engineering relationship in the 50’s up until the Packard
merger.  Some interesting stories on Porsche’s approach at developing a
compact for Studebaker with air and water cooled rear-engined V6 designs.
This car however seems to be something different.  From the museum web site:
failed experiments by the Studebaker Corporation including the
one-of-a-kind 1959 Lark Porsche. Built by the Curtis-Wright company, a
rear-mounted Porsche engine powers this Lark in what is a fantastic example
of both American ingenuity and resourcefulness.”


Ø  From: Jeff Wilson <jwilson at unctv.org>

Ø  Subject: <VV> South Bend surprise


Ø  Went to the Studebaker museum in South Bend Indiana a few weeks

Ø  ago- and found an interesting surprise tucked-away out of sight in the


Ø  http://s932.photobucket.com/albums/ad164/tardisi/?action=view
Porche001.jpg&newest=1> &current=StudePorche001.jpg&newest=1


Ø  Hope those will open for ya....


Ø  CJ Wilson



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