<VV> vyvnyl Painting

lewisrishel lewrish at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 15 14:59:13 EDT 2010

Just returned from the local automotive paint store, where I bought paint 
for my ElCamino steering wheel.  This one is the softer vynyl or plastic or 
rubberized stuff, not like the solid plastic Vair ones. In talking with the 
counterman, it was mentioned about the rubbing off problem, and he said it 
was due to poor adhesion , obviously. And the solution is proper cleaning, 
and use of an 'adhesion promoter' , by SEM pt # 77723, spray can, this to be 
put on after the cleaning with lacquer thinner, or your favorite stuff, 
followed by  a soap and water wash, and rinse, and thoro drying.
 The can says the vapors may ignite explosively, so make sure  the garage 
doors are tight and the water heater pilot is lit.
Both VHT and SEM have these vynyl paints, in a good range of color. You wont 
find them at Pep Boys or Autozone, go to a good automotive paint store. Or, 
you my be able to order online.  an'  they aint cheap neither.

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