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 Porsche had a number of 6 cylinder designs on the drawing table, including a pushrod 6 with the cam below the engine, essentially an extension of their 4 cylinder engines. It is documented they were working on 6 cylinder designs in the late 50s. 


John Roberts


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>Porsche didn't even have a 6 six cylinder engine when the Corvair was being 




Let's think about this for a moment, Matt -- Where do you think that 911 

motor came from for the 1963 introduction -- did it just fall out of the 

sky that spring?  or did Porsche perhaps spend some time developing this 

new engine sometime before 1963?

Now, as to using the Porsche name to describe something, one must be 

particular -- there are Porsche production cars built by Porsche AG or 

some such thing, there is Dr Ferdinand Porsche, and then there is his 

son, Ferry Porsche.  And others, but these are the important ones, 

sometimes the same thing, but sometimes different.

Like the indomitable Porsche (Ferdinand) designed Auto Union V-12 pre WW 

II race cars, then there is the 1949 Cisitalia-Porsche Type 360 race car 

(horizontally opposed 12 cylinder - pobably built by Ferry) that never 

ran in Formula 1 for various rule change and monetary issues (but is now 

in the Porsche museum) -- I really do suspect that somewhere along the 

line there were six cylinder engines in the Porsche system before the 

911 debut, just not in the production cars.  How about that type 542 

Studebaker, two engines, one water cooled, one air cooled, both 120º 

V-6's, built by Porsche (Ferry & Co) about 1954?. (pic attached)

I well know the 356 (1948-1965) only had a four cylinder engine (2nd pic)

Bill Strickland

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