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You know, having supplied items to Clark's and have dealt witht Cal and 
Mark, I am absolutely sure they would appreciate substantive feedback for 
improving their products and directions. Perhaps they could task the 
supplier with a better set of instructions.

Chuck S
Vair Fab Associates
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There are a lot of vague "instructions" in Clark's installation manual. A 
of the procedures, I had to figure out on my own. For example, the 
mounting bracket section is totally unrelated to what you need to do to 
that part, and the illustration is for some other bracket which looks like
nothing in the kit.

Among other things:

1. The parts in the kit are identified by "C" designations. The instructions
should include these numbers, since bags of hardware are located in various
boxes in the kit (there were 6 boxes in mine).
2. Photographs are of poor quality. With today's printing and digital
technology, there's no excuse. Check out the install manuals for 
kits, they are in full color and clear.
3. THe "snap switch" that is supposed to switch between the A/C evaporator 
the factory heater was wired totally wrong. I rewired that circuit with a
console-mounted toggle switch, which gives much more flexibility.
4. There are no detailed instructions on how to fit the "o" ring seals at 
hose connections. I figured it out, but a clear photograph and instructions
would have been helpful. This is a critical operation and all hose 
must be properly sealed.
5. Vent outlet templates should be included for in-dash kit.
6. No auto parts stores (near me at least) stock an R134a charging 
hose long enough to reach outside the car so you can charge the system with 
engine lid closed. That should be noted, and offered at least as an option,
since front-engined cars don't need it. You really need TWO hoses, one for 
oil (you won't use a whole can) and another for the refrigerant!
7. The instructions say you can install the accessory A/C pulley on the
harmonic balancer without lowering the engine, but TRY to fit a torque 
wrench in
that space (even a 3/8" drive!). I ended up lowering the engine unit to get 
good fit.
8. Pictures of the various screws, nuts and bolts would be helpful.
Supposedly, anyone with a "basic mechanical ability" can install this system
from scratch. How am I supposed to know what a Number X screw is, without 
research on said hardware? A picture would make installation that much 
9. The compressor belt won't even fit onto the pulleys when first installed.
You have to position the compressor at its "loosest" position along the
adjustment slot, position the bracket on the engine, attach the screws but 
them loose. Then you tilt the whole compressor assembly toward the
pulley, slowly put the belt on, then tighten the bracket onto the engine. 
there's a load on the compressor (at charging time), the belt stretches a 
(and sqeaks loudly). From that point, you tighten the compressor along its
mounting to get the belt nice and tight and you're in business.
10. For the in-dash kit, there is not enough plastic hose to duct all three
vents properly. WHy should I have to use duct tape and cardboard cans to 
extensions so I can connect all the vents?
11. The instructions for attaching the 90 degree oil filter adapter could be
clearer. I ended up splashing oil all over the garage when I tried my best 
install the thing.
12. You really need an idle speed solenoid for A/C. Clark's says it's not
available, but I'm sure they can find a way to adapt an existing unit. 
the idle speed faster on PG cars drives you nuts when you're not using the 

Other than that though, I am quite satisfied with the performance of the
system. The blower is VERY powerful and the air is nice and cold. I haven't
driven the car more than the 5 miles to work and back, but it's definitely 

Bill Hershkowitz 69 Monza Coupe 110 PG

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