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Sat Jul 17 09:08:43 EDT 2010

i run 140 exhaust manifolds on all of my motors. all of them are 164 cu  
inch.   i use the smaller gaskets for better sealing. ( yes i have used /  
tried  both sizes ) on FC's i made hangers to bolt to the heads from scrap  i 
had here.  the 64 coupe , i am in process right now. i took the right  hand 
metal part for main support , brazed up a piece from a universal hanger  with 
the strap on it and will bolt that to the part on the head.  i wanted  to 
include the rubber block , but not quite  room (without bending   the u pipe 
too much). i do not feel the headers gain that much over 140  manifolds 
(well, if measuring , how much do really you gain by going to 140  manifolds?) , 
plus you have to butcher the lower shrouds , or leave them  off.  ok for 
racing , but i like to drive and enjoy my cars.    the main thing is to get 
better breathing / performance without big work  /  bucks. 
you WILL feel the difference driving , especially with a powerglide.   it 
is easier to install with smaller mufflers (like i did on the lakewood) , but 
 too much noise when on longer trips for my taste. the rampy loves the 
"quieter"  version of Clark's smaller mufflers. there is  not enough room for 2 
stock  mufflers under the FC without some bodywork. i just did not want them 
hanging  that low.  i will post pictures soon of those 3  systems on the   
_www.cnycorvair.com_ (http://www.cnycorvair.com)  website.
for maximum realization of improvement , try to drive it just before and  
after the job. you may want to change carb main  jets to a notch or so  
richer , and readjust your timing also.
regards, tim colson

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