<VV> Dazaling Underground Pulley

Rowland Truss rtruss65 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 17 15:05:24 EDT 2010

I've tried the aluminum underground idler pulley. Dazaling perhaps, however, I 
think it's a bolt-on fix for the other "real" problems that cause the belt to 
toss. In addition, the underground "car show" pulley actually causes the belt to 
kick off occasionally upon shut-down of my engine. After replacing my alternator 
(with correct pulley), getting rid of the goofy idler pulley assembly and making 
sure I had a true Corvair fan belt I've had no problems loosing belts at all. 
I've driven over 35,000 miles with no problems. I've replaced the belt once 
since then and have thrown none at all. I have a short stroke engine and taking 
it to 5,000 RPM's is not uncommon for me. I drive my Corvair every day.
basically, the underground pulley's greatest advantage to me was being able to 
change the belt without tools. However, I've found it's preferrable to run the 
factory GM-designed setup and not have to change belts at all. My old aluminum 
underground pulley resides in a landfill now.

R. Truss
Sunland, CA


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