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>I have just emptied my parts cleaner of all the mineral spirits which
> I have saved. I have cleaned all the trays, small parts baskets and
> the inside of the parts cleaner. I have 10 gallons of MS which I am
> going to reuse. I need to filter/strain the 10 gallons to remove as
> much dirt as possible. I need suggestions on what to use for
> filtering that won't cost to much and will filter fairly quickly.........
> maybe 10-15 minutes per gallon.
> Chuck Armer
Ifn you are in milking cow country, farm supply stores will carry milk 
seperator machine filters.  we used to use these when buying bulk 
nitromethane, to filter out those strange lumps (g). you can make a 
temporary filter holder/funnel from the top half of a 1 gallon store bot 
milk bottle.  set up a tv disc of " LeMans" to watch... it is a slow 

hmmm.. maybe you are like me, you might have new extra filters left over 
from burned-out utility shop vacuums...  set them in a pan and run the MS 
thru backwards.  no... dont suck MS thru a running vac machine, I think 
that's been tried. (g).

just a thought.. ken campbell, deltawerkes 

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