<VV> Late fuel gage readings

PETER INMAN monza1965 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 17 22:27:36 EDT 2010

Here are my readings on my guage with new sending unit.
0-4 gal     empty
   6 gal      1/8  tank + one needle
   7 gal      two needles below 1/4 tank
   8 gal      3 needles above 1/4 tank
   9 gal      one needle above 3/8 tank
 10 gal      1/2 tank
 11 gal      5/8 tank
 12 gal      3/4 tank
 13 gal      7/8 tank
 14 gal      one needle shy of full tank  

I finished the installation of the ele.  fuel pump and all is well. The fuel  
electronic controller and the inertia switch were a piece of cake to install and 
work as designed. So cool. In the rear I cut off the rod on the mechanical pump, 
tapped the thru hole with 3/8-24 thread (perfect size) and put in  a 3/8-24 set 
screw with plenty of JB Weld to seal and routed the fuel through the exhisting 
lines. Seems to work good and cant see any changes except the inirtia switch 
mounted on the frame rail.
 Thanks to all,


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