<VV> '62 Van camper resto

James Davis jld at wk.net
Sat Jul 17 22:59:59 EDT 2010

Louis Pinard of Bossier City had a 1962 Corvan in the early 80's that 
was navy blue.  Clearly visible through thin cover coat "United States 
Navy Exchange Stores."
Jim Davis

Dennis Johnsey USN (ret) wrote:
> "May I ask what this vehicle has to do with Military History?  Even in TeXas!! gg"
> According to several semi-reliable sources (an ex-Air Force guy I shoot pool with and a veteran visitor to the museum), the Corvair FC was used by both the Air Force and the Navy as shop trucks.  Of course, we all know what liars Texans are, so caveat emptor, n'est-ce pas?  Why, one time I was leading a tour and I even had a group of old farts in wheelchairs try to tell me that they were in the P-38 squadron that shot down Yamamoto over Bouganville.  
> The only military connection with this particular van is that it's owner is a volunteer tour guide at the museum.  After the rust and painting is dealt with, it will be wrapped with Texas military forces insignia and images of the museum's exhibits (like the diorama with Davy Crockett swinging Ol' Betsy like a baseball bat in front of the Alamo) to promote the museum to the local public.
> Maybe mount twin .30s in the sunroof, eh?
> Dennis

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