<VV> Electrical Gremlins

Robert Paul barnaby at shaw.ca
Mon Jul 19 03:00:42 EDT 2010

Hi one and all, I have just finished a major restoration of my 66 Monza convertable, when I got it back from the painter I had numerous electircal issues ( mostly bad grounds) but I have two that are giving me fits. The first is my alternator fan light stays on all of the time, but the it is giving off a perfect charge.  Next my interior lights stay on all of the time ( the courtasy lights activated by the door switch).  Is there a ground I am missing for either one of these?  Or is it something else?  I am going to swap out the switches with some old ones I have to see if it is a switch.

Anyway any ideas would be appreceated.

(I drove it today for the first time in almost three years...I gues that made it a great day today.)
All the best
Robert Paul

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