<VV> Wagon stalls when cold

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Tue Jul 20 21:40:25 EDT 2010

Engine starts, so choke is OK.

Engine runs after warm up, so major carb circuits are OK, and idle 
speed/mixture is OK.

Check the choke pull off adjustment, too rich or too lean here will 
affect mixture on warm up.

And, check fast idle adjustment. In fact, just bend it a little to speed 
up the idle and see if the problem goes away. Once warm, this will not 
affect idle speed.

And you might want to richen the choke slightly also, maybe a turn or 
two on the rod. They will start easily with the choke just closing, but 
GM wanted an extra two turns closed on the rod.

Frank DuVal

Bryan Blackwell wrote:

>Hi folks,
>Well, the rebuilt carbs really helped, the wagon now starts up and runs rather nicely once it has warmed up.  I still have some work to do, tho, so any suggestions on what to look at appreciated.
>Patient is a '62 700 Wagon 102/PG.  As far as I can tell it has the original powertrain.  Runs pretty smooth on the road, no smoke.  I haven't run a compression check, but I don't really suspect any major issues based on the way it runs.  Recent parts:
> - Underground rebuilt distributor with Ignitor, ignition at spec (13 deg BTDC, no vac advance at idle)
> - New coil and Seth's wires
> - Rebuilt '64 carbs (incl new shafts and base gaskets)
> - Fresh tank of Washington, DC area 93 octane 10% alky fuel
> - New vacuum hoses
> - Plugs are fairly new, but I have not pulled them since going through the carbs.
>Engine starts on the first crank and stays running, but it stalls when going into gear.  It restarts easily at any point in the warmup.  Once warmed up - about 5 minutes of idling, chokes open, and at normal idle speed - it runs just fine.  If it was a stick I could probably drive it as is, but with the PG it's got to be better.
>Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
>  Corvairs: '62 700 Wagon, '64 Greenbrier, '65 Corsa, '66 Corsa
>  '69 Road Runner, '09 Ford F-150, '99 Neon R/T

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