<VV> Sticky Balls (A/C)

FrankCB at aol.com FrankCB at aol.com
Wed Jul 21 14:36:48 EDT 2010

How 'bout using one of those dry Teflon sprays?  It goes on wet, but the 
liquid quickly evaporates leaving a witish DRY layer of Teflon lubricant.
Frank Burkhard
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Taruffi57 at aol.com writes:

Okay, okay.  I bought a nice set of Corvair orig. LM dash ball vents  and 
center vent at Jax convention.  Actually, couldn't believe they had  been 
passed over for a couple of days as they were cheap.
However, they don't rotate smoothly and I will not use any liquid lube -  
since that will collect crud over time.  Maybe some powder type would work, 
but graphite is way too messy.

Joe Dunlap

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