<VV> Jay promoting the American Porsche Link

Rick Norris ricknorris at suddenlink.net
Thu Jul 22 07:53:20 EDT 2010

McKeel the Hagerty guy started to repeat the old "Nader put the nail in the 
Corvair coffin" refrain and Jay corrected him right away. Watch the body 
language of him when Jay interrupts and corrects him.

The last time at a car show when a guy began the conversation with that same 
refrain about Nader I just stopped him and asked, Where did you get that 
The look on his face and stumbling around for an answer were well worth it! 
I did politely correct him. Try that sometime, its fun!

Rick Norris

> Jay promoting the American Porsche:
> http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/extras/extras/affordable-collector-cars/
> Bob Hawes
> 65 140 monza cpe

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