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I like the idea of a "family day", but I believe it should be done like Ray 
suggested. That way people will have a choice of using the extra day or not. 
Since I am semi retired and self employed I can be more flexible than many 
especially the younger entrants that we are trying to encourage.



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I usually don't chime in but , while it may sound "nice", I'm not interested in 
it. Since I just go to put on the competitions, it is a wasted day for me. I'd 
probably feel the same way even if I was competing. If you want a "family day" 
tag it before or after the competitions as a compromise so the people ( like me) 
who do not carry a family along can just go, run and leave while the people with 
family can enjoy a family day together in the comradery of others. If someone is 
planning on 4 days it doesn't really matter if the family day is at either end 
or in the middle. Four days is four days, my vote would be to put this day at 
either end if someone wants to organize it. Keep the competition together. 


"Brian" <bmoneill at juno.com> 
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The Northeast Corvair Council (NECC) is considering  conducting another Corvair 
Olympics in 2011.  The first Olympics was a three day event beginning on a 
Thursday with time trials; drag racing on Friday and an autocross and show on 
Saturday.  And to cap it all off an informal awards banquet on Saturday night. 

This format proved to be a huge success.  It was noticed that many of the 
participants brought family members and made it a mini-vacation.  For the next 
Olympics the NECC is considering adding a “Family Day”.  On this day we would 
let the cars rest and do fun things like a sightseeing road rally, bus tour to 
local attractions or some other type of activity. Our concept now is that this 
would be the second day following the time trials. 

The location of the next Olympics isn’t completely settled nor is the schedule 
of events.  We are looking now for input from our participants about this idea 
of adding a family day.  Of course this would increase the costs because of 
another night in a hotel and other incidentals. 

Please send us your comments to help us plan another outstanding events. 

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