<VV> Corvair Driving Day

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Thu Jul 22 22:13:54 EDT 2010

Today I got out and was moving things around, cleaning up, re-arranging and just goofing around
 I drove : 1968 UltraVan 110 Pg/3.55, 1963 Rampside, WB/BF 4spd, 1966 Corsa coupe 140/4,A/C.1966 Monza Convt 110 PG (soon to be scrapped ) 1966 monza Convt 110/4spd (EBay Disaster). I started up and ran the Club Motor On A Trailer, A 61 Lakewood motor on the floor, a 63 Rampside Flood Victim . Poured some more oil in a  two cylinder, horizontally opposed ,air cooled, Panhard motor to try and free it up. Moved the John Deere GT245 tractor , a POS 2003 VW Jetta Wolfsburg Edition, and a 94/96  Dodge Ram 1500 pickup. And Managed to recycle at least six aluminium beer cans, Did I mention that it was only 97 degrees today ?


West Florida Corvair Club

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