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Me too.

Chuck S
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> I'll throw in a "ME TOO" on this. Put the extra day on the end or 
> beginning
> but not in the middle.
> Rick Norris
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>>I agree with both Bruce and Ray.
>> Very nice idea, but don't add an extra day for everyone.
>> Make it the day before the driving events start. That way those who want
>> too can
>> come a day early.
>> Terry
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>> From: Bruce Carlton <bcarlice at yahoo.com>
>>>> Subject: Re: NECC: (no subject)
>> I like the idea of a "family day", but I believe it should be done like
>> Ray
>> suggested. That way people will have a choice of using the extra day or
>> not.
>> Since I am semi retired and self employed I can be more flexible than 
>> many
>> especially the younger entrants that we are trying to encourage.
>> Bruce
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>> Brian
>> I usually don't chime in but , while it may sound "nice", I'm not
>> interested in
>> it. Since I just go to put on the competitions, it is a wasted day for 
>> me.
>> I'd
>> probably feel the same way even if I was competing. If you want a "family
>> day"
>> tag it before or after the competitions as a compromise so the people (
>> like me)
>> who do not carry a family along can  just go, run and leave while the
>> people
>> with family can enjoy a family day together in the comradery of others. 
>> If
>> someone is planning on 4 days it doesn't really matter if the family day
>> is at
>> either end or in the middle. Four days is four days, my vote would be to
>> put
>> this day at either end if someone wants to organize it. Keep the
>> competition
>> together.
>> Ray

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