<VV> 1967 Corvair Monza fuel pump

Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Fri Jul 23 20:11:19 EDT 2010

On Jul 23, 2010, at 7:36 PM, Charles Lee wrote:

> Are these seals available separately ?  I have most of the parts, can it be 
> rebuilt ?
What I've read says the rebuild kits were the same price as the pumps, so no more kits.
> Is the Corvair fuel pump the same for all years ?

No, I recall there are at least two different push rod lengths.  This likely contributed to the past problems.  As long as you have a rod and pump that match, I'm pretty sure the set goes into any Corvair engine, tho.  You might take a look at the Clark's catalog to see what's available, I believe they note the differences at least.


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