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Lets  start the 2 post vs 4 post lift debate.

Those of you who have used both  a two post and a four post lift, what 
are the +s and -s of both?  Especially with regard to Corvair   servicing.

I bought one of the EZ-Car Lifts from Southern California and I am very  
happy with it. It has a max lifting amount of 26 inches, but that is plenty  
for dropping out a Corvair power train. I use it with a small ATV jack to 
drop  out the motor.  I have also had a late Camaro up on it as well as a  
Corvette. You need some ground clearance to slide it under the side, but the  
unit comes apart and stores when not in use. And it is very safe. That is now  
high on my list of priorities.  The company owner is a Corvair guy.
See _www.ezcarlift.com_ (http://www.ezcarlift.com) 
Seth  Emerson

C's the Day! - Corvair,  Camaro, Corvette

San Jose, CA

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