<VV> I created a wiki for Corvairs.

J R Read_HML hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 26 01:57:26 EDT 2010

Hello Ignacio,

The idea has been presented before and I refer you to the archives for an 
email from Barry Johnson dated 12/18/09 with the subject: Why an online 
Encyclopedia?  This is a long article (slanted toward increasing CORSA 
membership) and I suspect that it would not fit the "size" limits if I were 
to paste it here.  So, this is why I refer you to the archives.

Barry had previously sent me a link to his "test?" wiki long before he sent 
the cited email to VV.  It looked good to me and the responses to his VV 
email seemed generally positive at the time (for about a week).  I don't 
know if it developed any further after that time.

Perhaps you may wish to contact him directly on that.  I have his addy as 
cqllerbear at gmail.com

Anything that promotes Vairs is great so far as I am concerned.  Not that 
you need my - or anyone else's - permission in this endeavor.  I know Barry 
from CCE meetings and I can say that he certainly seems to know a great deal 
about how to make computers do useful things.

Later, JR

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> Hi, I saw the discussion on the digests. A wiki may be a better way to
> go. Unless I am tragically mistaken, there does not seem to be a wiki
> for Corvairs so I created one here at http://corvairpedia.org. No
> graphics or cool formatting yet. Please advise me if there is a wiki
> for Corvairs already. I'll take this down if so. There is so much
> knowledge and lore about Corvairs, I hope the wiki can be populated
> with that knowledge before it disappears. Content license will be GNU
> General Documentation License unless someone can convince me
> otherwise. I am knowledgeable about web sites but not specifically
> administering a mediawiki so there may be glitches at first. I have
> been webmaster for http://corvairhouston.com for years but it is a
> Plone site (plone.org). I have a 1964 Monza Coupe and am a Corvair
> Houston and CORSA member. I am 47 years old so it is likely that I can
> keep the site running a long time.
> -- Ignacio Valdes
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