<VV> Paint Strategies

Byron Comp byron.comp at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 26 04:59:44 EDT 2010

OK, I'll try again.  I posed a question the middle of last week about my 
painting strategy for my '64 Monza Vert., but the question seems to have gotten 
overlooked in everyone's haste to weigh in on what is obviously a long-standing 
feud between advocates of electric vs. mechanical fuel pumps.

What I'd like some input on is this:  I've got my '64 vert totally stripped 
down, drivetrain rebuilt and sitting on the floor, glass all removed etc.  I'm 
changing the overall color scheme from Tuxedo Black to Diamond White and I want 
the interior of the engine bay to be the same as the exterior.  My thought is to 
paint the engine room first, install the drivetrain, then paint the rest of the 
car.  That eliminates a detailed coverup of the engine as well as the inability 
to paint that whole area as well as w/o the engine in the way.  But I don't want 
to paint the whole car and then run the risk of a nasty gouge or scrape on a 
fender etc. while putting the drivetrain back in place.

Anybody done it either way and have some sage advice?  Thanks for your input.

Byron Comp
'64 Monza Vert.
Gainesville, FL


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