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> The battery in my car has some positives and negatives.  When I get the
> potential of the positives and negatives to an equal state, the battery is
> completely discharged and needs to be charged, jumped or replaced.
> d" likes positive Batteries" p
I suppose this would be a great time to remind ever-one that the little 
worker-bees in the battery actually fly from the negative post, thru the 
ciruit, and back to the positive end of the voltage/hive.  Makes rusty sheet 
metal Grounds more understandable, tho.

Not to be negative about your posts (get it ) but, like wimmin critters, 
electricity is not so easy to specifye  ...   you have to keep your ion them 

....... and watch yer talking in terms of crossing state lines and  jumping 
them ...   keeps reminding me of my army-speak period ...

ooops.. weekend is over, I remain neutered. ken campbell, iowio 

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