<VV> Overheating - Deflashing Heads

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No man, just open the engine lid and look just below the alternator (lower 
left corner of the top cover).  The "hatch" there is for access to clean off 
the top of the oil cooler.  Now look closer to your left knee (well, not 
THAT close), the "hatch" there (might or might not have the cover in place) 
is the summer/winter plate (cover if you prefer).  If it is not in place, 
you are looking at a hole about 2X3 inches or so.  You need to cover it up 
because it is letting hot air from the exhaust manifold enter the upper part 
of the engine compartment where it gets sucked back down by the fan to 
(supposedly) "cool" the engine.  That cover should be in place all the time 
for a car which is only driven in warm weather.

If you don't have a chassis manual, go on line to Corvair Underground or 
Clark's and look for the summer/winter plate in their respective catalogs.

Let me ask you this....  Is there a rubber perimeter seal (kind of like a 4 
inch tall gasket) all the way around the engine compartment - between the 
top side of the engine shrouding and the body of the car?  If not, that is 
your heat problem (well at least a goodly part of it anyway).

Later, JR

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>I guess I'll have to wait for SoCal to freeze over, to see what changes, so
> I will know what this thingy is?

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