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Totally agree with Bob about checking the rest of the system. 

I had already done all 4 wheel cylinders and new lines and shoes. 
Before  , driving it. 

Ray smith. 

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In addition to what Ray said, my '65 Corsa had the same hard pedal just  
before the left front cylinder blew out leaving me with no brakes.  If you  
don't have a dual master cylinder I would recommend checking your brakes  
thoroughly.  I also had a situation like Ray's where things cleared up on  their 
own, but the other situation where I lost my brakes made me more  cautious.
Bob Hall
Group Corvair
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Could be  a plugged passage in the master cylinder. 

I had a similar situation  years go. Drove a Corvair with the same symptoms 
as yours. I figured the high  effort was due to manual brakes and the 
marginal braking was just from  drums.    
Well one day I had to make a panic stop and after  initial application the 
pedal dropped another inch. Seemed like I just  switched to power brakes and 
discs !! :) 

Ray Smith  

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