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Wed Jul 28 21:21:07 EDT 2010

i am running 100 amp  "3 wire?" or more alternators on my rampy and 64  A/C 
coupe with no issues. the rampy has aircraft landing high beams , 100 watt  
ham radio , gas heater , and heated seats. yes i upgraded a few other 
things  along the way to cope with increased loads .
i had 2 140 amp  (real one wire units with the little module plugged  in ) 
units made at the local auto electrical shop that were the same housings  
for my boat. they also worked well , but we had to go to double pulley/ belts 
on  those.
i bet the rampy draw gets right up there at times , but so far it works  
fine. dimmer switch was my first failure , so added a relay. that was after  
running a new larger wire for battery feed up front , isolator for extra 
battery  to run a marine refrigerator freezer on trips .
i think there were photos posted on the old website  
(http://www.corvair.de/corvair_ham/corvair_ham.html) .
i run a voltmeter in my spyder dashes to monitor .
so far , i am very glad i did this upgrade.
got the old 70's 80's gm alternators for $5 each cores at the junkyard ,  
then put new parts and corvair front and fan on them. i think they ended up  
costing @$50 each by the time i was done. that was new aftermarket rotor , 
field  , regulator , and brushes .
regards, tim colson

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