<VV> 100 Amp Alternator Option/Idle charging

HallGrenn at aol.com HallGrenn at aol.com
Thu Jul 29 13:38:07 EDT 2010

I don't remember the rotating part (can't remember its name either) being  
heavier, but the stator was larger on the 63A.  I'll check this  weekend.  
I've got lots of alternator parts.:)
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Sethracer at aol.com writes:

Another,  semi-ignorant question. Is the rotating portion of the alternator 
-  the shaft/rotor - any heavier in the larger amp models - like the 47, 55 
and  63 amp units, than in the standard Corvair 37 amp alternator? I  am  
thinking rotating weight here. I know there are smaller  alternators in the 

Seth  Emerson

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